Welcome to BioCompLab

BioCompLab focuses on the development of computational methods based on machine learning, data mining and database techiniques to decipher and predict protein functions, toxicity and immunogenicity .


Toxicoinformatics combines computational techniques and chemical/biological data to analyze and predict potential toxicity induced by chemicals and drugs. In additional to QSAR models powered by machine learning techniques, systems toxicology-based methods are under development. Please refer to ChemDIS system for details.

Computational Systems Biology

Systems Biology is the study of complex biological systems including gene regulatory networks, protein-protein interaction networks and metabolic pathways. It gives a whole picture of biological systems and can be utilized to predict gene, protein and chemical functions and affected pathways.


The analysis of T-cell and B-cell epitope and corresponding immunogenicity and the development of prediction tools for immunogenecity are our major aims that could be useful for accelerating vaccine development.